Tournament Rules

2017 West Coast Cup Rules


FIFA Rules as modified by US Club Soccer, and as further modified herein, will apply.


Good sportsmanship is expected of all players, coaches, managers, and fans.


The team listed first on the schedule is the home team. Home team will be responsible to provide 3 game balls. If there is a conflict in team colors, as determined by the referee, the home team shall switch to an alternate jersey or alternate uniform pieces.


Teams must be at the field thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the game.


Play will proceed as specified below:

U10-U11 (9v9): Preliminary games and Semifinals: 2×25 minutes. Consolation and Championship: 2×25 minutes.

U12-U14 (11v11): Preliminary games and Semifinals: 2×30 minutes. Consolation and Championship: 2×30 minutes.

U15-U19 (11v11): Preliminary games and Semifinals: 2×30 minutes. Consolation and Championship: 2×35 minutes.

Showcase: 4 guaranteed games: 2×35  minutes. No playoffs/final.

Half time will be five minutes. Injury time will NOT be added to the length of the game, except under extreme circumstances and at the sole discretion of the referee.

In preliminary games, ties will stand. Semifinal games that end in a tie will be decided by PKs. If a championship or a 3rd Place Consolation game is tied at the end of regulation play, two 5-minute overtime periods will be played. Golden Goal rule will apply. If the game is still tied at the completion of the overtime periods, the game will be decided by penalty kicks as per FIFA laws of the game.


Teams shall be awarded points on the following basis, to a maximum of 10 points per game:

  • Six (6) points for each win
  • Three (3) points for each tie
  • Zero (0) points for a loss
  • One (1) point for each shut out
  • One (1) point for each goal, to a maximum of 3 per game
  • 0-0 tie is scored as 4 points (3 for the tie plus 1 for a shut out)
  • Nine (9) points to a team winning by forfeit (2-0)
  • Minus one (-1) point for each red card received by a player.
  • Minus two (-2) for each expulsion received by a coach, team official, or team-affiliated spectator.

OFFICIAL SCORES will be posted on Gotsoccer, as soon as possible after the game.

GAME CARDS: The field marshals will provide game cards to the referee prior to the start of the game. If requested, each team shall provide the marshal with a game card sticker containing the team’s roster just prior to pre-game check-in. Coaches should review game cards for accuracy at the match’s end and sign off on the card.


In case of a tie in tournament points following the completion of preliminary games, the advancing team will be determined based on the following criteria in the order specified:

  • Head-to-Head competition – team that won the head-to-head competition between the teams that are tied will advance (should there be a tie in tournament points between three or more teams, the tie-breaking procedure begins with (b), below.
  • When and if two teams remain tied at any point while using this procedure, the order of tie breaking will recommence at (a), above
  • Team with most Wins.
  • Team with the highest goal differential advances (goals scored minus goals allowed, not to exceed a differential of 4 goals in any one match).
  • Team with most goals scored advances (not to exceed 5 goals for any one match).
  • Team with fewest goals allowed advances.
  • Team with fewest send-offs advances.
  • Kicks from the penalty spot as per FIFA rules. The team with the most successful kicks advances.
  • Coin toss by the Tournament Director or member of the Tournament Committee at Tournament Headquarters.

In divisions with semi-finals or any other pairing, criteria for team placement will be as specified in each division’s schedule. Teams that have already played each other in preliminaries will not play each other in these games if avoidable. If required to prevent this situation, the re-pairing will match the highest-point qualifier with the lowest-point qualifier that it did not play in preliminaries (i.e. Only the lowest-point qualifiers will be swapped. Under no circumstances the top seeds (S1/S2) will be paired in these games.


Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is expressly prohibited at or near any of the tournament fields or complexes. No dogs or pets of any kind are allowed. No horns, bells, or noisemakers of any kind are allowed at or near the tournament fields or complexes at any time. No rude, profane, or inappropriate behavior (at the discretion of tournament officials) is allowed.