Wicked and Wildkatz impress at Surf Cup

West Coast Wicked 04 and Wildkatz 05 girls soccer teams were accepted to San Diego Surf Cup where they impressed the competition and show their club culture.

Both West Coast 04 & 05 girls teams competed well and had a great time doing “the walk of the best of the best” each morning through the Prestigius Surf Cup gates. Players could read their names of 05-99 birth year printed on the wall as they entered through the Surf Cup gates. Coaches, players, fans, and loved ones were dazzled at the quotes from Mia Hamm and famous soccer players hanging on the banners overhead. “Good is the enemy of Great” says the banner that took up the back drop on the fence of the massive 24 field soccer complex at Ocean Side CA. West Coast Soccer Director Troy Dayak & Coach Amber King’s teams cheered, encourage and supported each other on the sidelines as they showed their club colors and love of the game philosophy. Top ranked opponents from all over the country commented and admired West Coast club unity and structure.

Team News:
West Coast Wicked 04G battled strong and kept it close as the team made their Surf Cup debu finishing 4th. They played top Slammers FC team that were both extremely physical as well as the 5th ranked team out of Texas, and at the time an undefeated Seattle Surf which Wicked tied 1-1.

West Coast Wildkatz 05 girls competed well against the top teams in the country. The Wildkatz gained valuable experience playing against the state champions from Texas, Colorado and a top side from Oregon and the home team Surf.