WCS Wildkatz 05G take Giant Step in Coppa Surf

March 3- 4, West Coast Soccer sent 5 teams; Wildkatz 05, Kaos 03, Kurse 01/02, Wildfire 01, Katz 00 to the Surf City San Jose Soccer Tournament in Morgan Hill, Ca.

With many of the high school players still finishing up playoffs, Director of Coaching at West Coast Soccer Troy Dayak placed multiple players up in higher age groups to compete and prepare them for the upcoming college showcase season.

With a break in Nor Cal 05 Premier Winter League play, West Coast Soccer Club’s Wildkatz 05G took on the challenge of competing against teams three year older as they stepped into the 02 age bracket with 15 and 16 year-olds, in the Copa Surf, a San Diego Surf Cup qualifier in Morgan Hill.  In the first match of the tournament, Wildkatz met Palo Alto SC 02 Blue on the foggy, rain drenched pitch.  Wildkatz came out strong and as the match progressed, they gave no indication of being much younger than their competition.  While Wildkatz offense continued to press forward with shots on goal they just couldn’t connect to the net. Wildkatz defense kept Palo Alto from getting many shots on goal and scoreless throughout the match ending in a 0 – 0 draw.  In the second match of the tournament as the freezing rain began to fall, Wildkatz met San Luis Obispo SC Storm 02.  Again Wildkatz came out strong and kept the ball on Storms side of the pitch.  Storm hit a hard cross and found the net to give them the 0-1 lead.  The rest of the match, Wildkatz continued to keep the ball on Storm’s side creating many goal scoring opportunity but just couldn’t find their first goal of the tournament. The match would end with a 0-1 loss for Wildkatz.

In the final game of the tournament, Wildkatz met tournament host San Jose Surf 02 Blue. Wildkatz came out even more aggressive than in their first matches and dominated play throughout the game.  Cameron Silva found Kamiryn Grimes to give Wildkatz  their first goal of the tournament and the lead. As the second half began, Karlee Lywandowsky was fouled just outside of the goal box.  Lywandowsky stepped up to take her own free kick and send the ball soaring into the upper left corner of the net and Wildkatz took the 2-0 lead.  From that point Wildkatz were on fire, Grimes found the net followed shortly after by another goal scored by Nadia Sherman with a right foot volley up and over the outstretched goalie.  Wildkatz midfielders and defense including Jayden Morton, Madison Reid, Jasmine Staples, Makenna Galvan, Taryn Richey, Sydney Goodwin, Zusette Zamora, Sutton Denny, Alexia Berlin, Makena Ross, Jordan Silva and goalies Bella Gelao and & Victoria Morfin.  In the final minutes of play, Heather Terrabini took a free kick from the left side of the field that was cleared out to defender Taryn Richey who sent the ball past the gk and into the net to give Widlkatz a solid 5-0 victory over San Jose. Throughout the tournament, Wildkatz matched the physicality of the 15 and 16 year olds and proved to be equal to and often stronger in skill than the older teams. Next up for Wildkatz is the Copita Tournament in Sunnyvale which is the San Diego Surf Cup qualifier for their true U13 age group.