WCS Wildkatz 05G remain undefeated

WildKatz 05 continued with NorCal Premier Fall League as the met Cal Cougars 04 of Stockton on Saturday.  In their last meeting, Wildkatz dominated and defeated Cougars 4-0.  This time the Cougars were out to be the dominating cat!  In a wet rainy weather day on Turf the ball was sliding everywhere. The match started out with both sides playing strong and aggressively.  Late in the first half, Cougars made a fast break down to WildKatz goal and as keeper Bella Gelao came to clear the ball but was tackled and Cougars were able to put one into the net and take a 1-0 lead.  The first half would end with Cougars still leading and the second half of play continued to be physical and evenly matched.  Wildkatz began to take the aggressive position peppering the cougars goal. With just minutes left in play, Cougars fouled WildKatz three consecutive times resulting in free kicks.  The final free kick found Savannah Cordero taking the shot and connecting to the back of the goal with mere seconds left in play.  WildKatz stole the draw 1-1 late in the game and remain undefeated with just one game left in Fall League play.

In Cal North CRL play WildKatz traveled to Santa Clara to meet Sporting Green 05 under the shadow of the 49rs stadium.  The match began with WildKatz dominating play and early in the match, Karlee Lywandowsky bent the ball into the net, giving WildKatz the early lead.  Sporting Green would make a break away soon after and would find the net as well. This would be Sporting Green’s only shot and goal for the rest of the match as defenders Madison Reed, Jasmine Staples, Taryn Richey, Sydney Goodwin and Makenna Galvan continued to keep them from getting close to WildKatz goalie Bella Gelao.  Cameron Silva found the net next after an excellent pass by Zusette Zamora followed by a booming goal from Savannah Cordero.  Cordero would score again to end the first half after a PK in Sporting Green’s box as a result of a foul on Silva.  WildKatz led 4-1 as the first half ended.  Zamora would start the second half with a goal of her own on an assist from Silva.  Silva sent the ball booming toward the net again shortly after, but the ball bounced of the goal post.  Nadia Sherman was there to take the rebound and send the ball to the back of the net and putting WildKatz into a solid 7-1.  Zamora found the net again after dribbling through and breaking away from Green traffic to score again.  The game became more physical and intense as play continued.  WildKatz worked hard for 2 more goals. One by Jayden Morton from just outside Sporting Green’s box and another for Silva to end the match with a 9-1 WildKatz victory.

WildKatz finish up NorCal Premier 04 Fall League play in Modesto next Sunday as they face Ajax 04. They will also finish Cal North 05 Fall League in San Jose next Saturday as they meet Almaden Quicksilver.  Currently, WildKatz are in first place for both leagues.