WCS Wildfire top #3 Davis 4-1

The West Coast Wildfire U17G team traveled to Davis over the weekend and brought back a 4-1 win over the #3 ranked team in the country, Davis Legacy Red.  This was a huge win for the Wildfire and a season changing upset for Davis.  The win by Wildfire solidifies their place at the top of the league bracket.
The first goal of the match came at the ten-minute mark.  Wildfire was on an offensive attack and crossed a ball just in front of the Davis goal.  A Davis defender extended an arm and stopped the ball from getting through.  West Coast Forward, Rachel McCarthy took the penalty and delivered an untouched shot into the left corner of the goal.  West Coast moved ahead 1-0 for the remainder of the half.


Twelve minutes into the second half, Davis managed to get a shot off from just outside the 18’.  West Coast Goal Keeper, Brianne Radliff, made a diving stop of the shot but wasn’t able to keep possession.  Davis’ Forwards won the loose ball and Knocked in a rebound. The game was now tied 1-1.


Determined to get the goal back, West Coast went on an offensive attack and immediately answered with another goal.  West Coast’s McCarthy won a ball in the middle and maneuvered around the Davis defensive line to go one on one with the Goal Keeper.  McCarthy scored her second goal of the match.  West Coast moved ahead 2-1.


Five minutes later at the 76th minute, Midfielder Kayla Grisham found a hole in Davis’ defensive line and executed a perfect shot just out of reach of the Goal Keeper.  The score was now 3-1 West Coast.


The Wildfire Midfielders of Isabella Barbero, Tori Borgna, Kayla Grisham, Mayzin Kung, Sierra Martin, Kate Wallace, Amanda Zeck, dominated over their opponents.  West Coast controlled the middle of the field neutralizing Davis’ ability to make a play.


The final goal of the match came in the 83 minutes by West Coast Midfielder, Sierra Martin.  Martin connected on a ball just outside the 18’.  West Coast closed out the match with a 4-1 win.


This is a significant win for West Coast Wildfire.  The Davis Legacy team was ranked #3 in the nation and #2 in Norcal.  The win over Davis and Livermore Fusion move West Coast Wildfire into 1st place in NPL Champions League and a top seeded position in the state and national ranks.