WCS U12G Kaos Win It All at Stockton Triad Tournament


West Coast Kaos Deliver 4 Shutouts to Take Championship – The West Coast Kaos U12 girls are on a roll with their second tournament championship. Kaos delivered 4 shutouts to bring home the Stockton Triad Title. Pictured on the bottom row: Maddie Sullivan, Kate Zeck, Katie Reid, Mariana Medrano, and Cassidy Garza. Middle row: Gaby Casillas, Bridget Yocham, Brooke Schiable, Jennie Barron, Hailey Miller, and Maddie Reid. Top row: Jenna Nielson, Maddie Allum, Kelsey Brumm, and Taylor Sprott. Not pictured: Alan Cox and Coach Marlon Fernandez.

West Coast Kaos Shutout 4 to take Championship – The West Coast U12G Kaos, delivered 4 shutouts to bring home the championship title at the 2014 Stockton Triad Tournament. In the first game of the tournament, Kaos faced East Sacramento. Within the first twenty minutes, Kaos moved ahead 2-0 with goals from Forward Taylor Sprott. This was both the first victory of the tournament the first of four shutouts from Kaos.

Game two proved to be a little tougher with a close match against East Bay Eclipse. In this match, Kaos dominated with possession but couldn’t convert several shots on goal. The Kaos defense kept East Bay Eclipse out of the 18 to prevent any serious offensive attacks. Late in the second half, Sprott found a hole on the right side of the net to move Kaos into a 1-0 lead. The match ended with a Koas shutout and the win.

In game three, Kaos easily handed the home team, Stockton Lightning, a brutal 6-0 defeat. Forwards Sprott, Maddie Allum, Cassidy Garza, Mid-fielder Jennie Barron, and Fullback Kelsey Brumm shared the six Kaos goals.

In the championship game, Kaos once again faced the East Bay Eclipse. The Eclipse, licking their wounds from the day before, came ready to do battle. But Kaos was prepared with a strong defense and the determination to bring home the championship. Throughout the game, Kaos was on an offensive assault with several shots on goal. Midway through the first half, Sprott fired off a stinger that went through the legs of the Eclipse goalie giving Kaos a 1-0 lead going into the half. The second half continued with Kaos domination on offense and an impenetrable defense. In the final few minutes, Eclipse made a last ditched effort to score but was called offside. The match ended with Kaos winning 1-0 and the championship.

This is the second tournament championship for the West Coast Kaos U12 girls. Team Kaos is also having a hot streak in Norcal Premier League competition. Midway through the season, Kaos in first place and remain undefeated.