WCS U11G Krew Win Premier Elite Red 3 State Cup



West Coast Soccer Club U11 Krew win State Cup in the Premier Elite Red 3 bracket. The Krew came into the final weekend of State Cup with heart, skill and a drive to bring home the Cup. In the semi-final game on Saturday, January 23rd, Krew took the field against Clovis Crossfire and beat them 3-1 to advance to the state cup premier championship. The final State Cup game for Krew came in the late afternoon of Sunday, January 24th where the Krew started the match with a rousing pep talk led by coaches Marlon Fernandez and Hector Hernandez. Krew took to the field ready to battle FCA Chelsea, in what seemed like a David vs Goliath match. In the first half of play, FCA Chelsea scored 3 goals dominating with size and power. The WCS coaching staff made some great halftime adjustment, down 0-3 Krew were not ready to accept defeat just yet. Krew’s defense held FCA scoreless in the second half and with just 6 minutes left in the match Krew mounted their comeback by scoring their first goal of the game on a corner kick by Alli Santellano to Elissa Giuliacci. Krew got the score even closer with an awesome shot on goal by Leslie Mangskau. Now with momentum was on their side and less than a minute left in play, Krew tied the game up with an amazing shot by Ella Ferrick. Time expired and the tied match went into a 10-minute overtime. Both 5-minute halves of overtime play went scoreless, so the match went to kicks from the mark, Kennedy Henderson was in goal and Krew, players Alli Santellano, Macy Roberts, Elissa Giuliacci, Leslie Mangskau and Jaelina Hernandez taking the PKs, Krew outscored FCA 3-4 and walked away with the state premier red championship. WCS U11 Krew players include: Mia Mirante, Taryn Richey, Macy Roberts, Jaelina Hernandez, Leslie Mangskau, Elissa Giuliacci, Kennedy Henderson, Ella Ferrick, Emily Hollingshaus and Alli Santellano. WCS Director Troy Dayak was on hand for the clubs 4th state cup championship of this years campaign and had this to say about the Krew “This was an amazing game that any spectator or fan of soccer would have enjoyed! Both teams were completely different in their contract of style and play. The Krew kept to our WCS philosophy and principles and ultimately wore down the opponent” the Krew now add to the long list of champions at West Coast Soccer.