WCS Kurse gain valuable experience in SoCal tournament

The West Coast Kurse, led by coach Amber King, traveled to Orange County this Labor Day Weekend to play in the 2017 United Cup.

Game one kicked off in Laguna Niguel at high noon Saturday under the humid sun of the southland. The girls fought a tough battle against the Pacific Soccer Club, but ultimately were defeated 7 to 0.

WCS Kurse rallied after the morning’s loss, and returned to Laguna Niguel Saturday afternoon for game two against the Del Mar Sharks. WCS Kurse moved the ball effectively down the field, with Monique Reil and Essabella Grajeda each scoring once to finish with a 2 to 1 victory.

Sunday brought WCS Kurse to Mission Viejo for what was sure to be a battle against the Strikers FC North. The two teams proved to be worthy opponents of one another, with each holding the other to a scoreless first half. Both teams hit the second half with intensity. The mighty WCS Kurse delivered fourteen powerful shots on goal, but none entered the net. Despite a solid effort, WCS Kurse ultimately suffered a 1 to 0 defeat in game three.

The SoCal tournament was a great experience as the team builds for solid league play ahead.