WCS Krush blast past San Ramon

The West Coast Krush 05 Girls played their way to a decisive 5-2 victory against San Ramon FC 05G Navy this past Sunday in league play.

After tying 0-0 the previous weekend in 1st Round play of State Cup, Krush and San Ramon both started the game full of energy and determination to come away with a win in this game. San Ramon got on the board first with a well-place kick to the upper corner of the net early in the first half. Krush responded later in the half when Kira Korsak sent the ball up field to Hailey-Ann Stubbles, who shot the ball into the goal, tying the game 1-1.

With the second half under way, San Ramon scored again off a free kick play, putting them up 2-1, but it would be the last time San Ramon would hold the lead. Krush would go on to score four unanswered goals during remainder of the half. First, Stubbles stole the ball, maneuvered around San Ramon’s defense to score her second goal of the game, evening the score at 2 all. A short time later, Stubbles made another play at the goal that was broken up the San Ramon’s goalie, but the goalie wasn’t able to hold onto the ball. Mia Mirante intercepted rebound and passed it to Dani Robinson, who shot the ball into the open net, giving Krush their first lead of the game. Stubbles scored once more, earning a hat-trick for the game, off a drop kick from goalie Grace Langenfeld. With time winding down, Krush recycled a corner kick with Robinson dropping back a pass to Madilyn Harrell who shot the ball over San Ramon’s goalie, scoring Krush final goal in the last 20 seconds of the game. Final Score 5-2 Krush.