WCS Kaos play 2 against Rage

As rival week continues in girls youth soccer, West Coast Kaos 03 Girls played two matches vs Pleasanton Rage. As history would show these matches have had results of of less then one goal difference per game.  Saturday in a State Cup match Kaos started out slow as Rage capitalized on their 6 shots on goal with 3 goals,  1st goal Pleasanton’s Leela Amin raced passed the Kaos defense to push the ball in goal pass goalkeeper Hailey Miller. Second goal came as Rage’s player crossed the ball in the middle of the box while Amin was found in front of the goal.  The third goal came as Rages midfielder lofted a ball over the outstretched hands of Miller. The defining momment as Amin had a chance to make it 4 in the 32nd but Miller came out to block the breakaway.   Second half was completely different. It seemed that Kaos started playing their style of connecting passes and keeping the the Rage defense off balanced.   Midfielder Katie Zeck was fouled 25 yards out and put the ball straight in to make it 1-3. Seven minutes later, Midfielder Alivia Ganz sped through the defense finding forward Danielle Leong on pass where she scored for 2-3. Midfielder Alyssa Williams found Katie Reid who crossed the ball deflecting off a Rage player in the goal.  Ganz had another shot which sailed over the cross bar.
On Sunday, they met again for National Premier League match. Koas left off where they ended controlling the ball and getting 4 shots on goal. Defender Mercedes Valaverde, Kelsey Sako, Kassidy Brackett, and Gabi Casillas continued to have balls which were played to Williams. Towards the end of the half Rage winger was getting in behind the defense.  Second half the game was more settled where Ganz had 3 shots, Williams had 1 shot and Zeck had long rage shot. The goal came as ball slipped passed Kelsey Sako and Kassidy bracket which goalkeeper Maddie Manninna saw pass her as Amin passed the ball in wit 9 minutes left making it 0-1.  It was two exciting high level matches.