WCS Hula Krew Came Out Kicking at the Halloween Kick or Treat Classic!














West Coast Soccer Club U9 girls team, Krew came out kicking at the 15th annual “Halloween Kick or Treat Classic” in Concord this weekend.  The “Hula Krew” faced Novato United in their first match of the tournament.  Early in play, Mia Hess (Tracy), scored a goal with an assist from Eliza Williams (Mountain House).  Later in the first half, Pricilla Gonzalez (Tracy) scored a goal, bringing Krew to 2 points. And Krew’s defense held United to 0 at the end of the first half of play.  When play resumed in the second half, United scored a goal, followed shortly by a Krew goal by Taryn Richey (Mountain House).  Despite Krew’s fierce defense, United scored again and they shortened Krew’s lead to 1 point.  Again, Mia Hess drove the ball down the field and scored another goal for Krew.  To seal the win Taryn Richey, with an assist my Hess, scored another goal as well and Krew won their first game 5 to 2.

In their second match of the day, Krew battled the Gryphons of the Bay Area.  The October heat seemed to getting the best of Krew, but a goal by Mia Hess put Krew ahead in the first half of play.  Krew’s defense held Gryphons scoreless in the first half of play, but early in the second half, Gryphons scored a goal and the score was tied at 1 – 1.  Despite several shots on goal, Krew was unable to score again, but held Gryphons to just one goal and the game ended in a tie.

In day 2 of tournament play; Krew faced Mill Valley Rockers early Sunday morning.  The Rockers proved to be a tough competitor, but Krew’s Mia Hess was able to score a goal late in the first half of play.  Early in the second half, Leslie Mangskau (Tracy) scored a goal, assisted by Pricilla Gonzales.  Krew was up by 2 and the end of the game and Krew’s defense and goalkeeper Emily Eccelstone (Tracy), kept Rockers scoreless.

Finally, in the championship game, Krew faced San Ramon Azuri.  The previous 2 matches against Azuri had ended with ties, so Krew was ready to finally get a W.  Krew and Azuri were evenly matched offensively and defensively throughout the match.  During the first half of play, Mia Mirante (Tracy) kicked a great shot to the goal and though the ball crossed the goal line, the referee who was without any line judges, did not see it and did not count the shot as a goal.  The rest of the first half and through the second half, neither Krew nor Azuri could score a goal despite many shots.  The game ended at regulation time with a 0 -0 tie.  In overtime, neither team could score again, so the game went to penalty kicks.  Goalkeeper, Emily Eccelstone, blocked 4 great shots by Azuri, but the 5th just slipped past her.  Krew could not respond with a goal and Azuri won in penalty kicks. Krew made a valiant effort and placed 2nd in the tournament.

Krew begins State Cup play next weekend, November 2nd and 3rd, in Stockton.

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