WCS 05 Girls Krew Silver 2 State Cup Champs

This weekend saw the West Coast Krew u13 girls face off against El Dorado Hills SC 05 Girls Blue in the Silver 2 division for state cup champions in Modesto CA.  The Krew girls advanced to the finals after beating Santa Rosa united 6-1 the previous weekend.

The championship game did not start out well for West Coast as El Dorado scored first just 2 minutes into the match. Krew collected their composure and then proceeded to play a much more evenly matched game that saw a number of great chances by Paisley Merlin, Marina Rivera and Lauren Stoneberger turned away by the El Dorado goalkeeper before the half.

As the second half got underway Krew began to really get into a rhythm and spent most of the second half on the El Dorado end of the field. for 30 minutes Krew continued to attack but could not put the equalizer into the net. With just about five minutes left in the game Chloe Lucero took a long range shot from 15 yards outside of the box and placed it perfectly over the El Dorado goal keepers head and hands to tie the game at 1-1.

Krew kept the pressure turned up and not satisfied to play for extra time continued to attack the El Dorado team. With just a little more than 2 minutes left in the game, Summer Lane who was brought up from the u12 Krossfire team to play with Krew for State Cup hit a perfectly struck ball that sailed in over the outstretched arms of the El Dorado Goal Keeper to put Krew up 2-1 and become the 2017 U13 girls Silver 2 champions.

It was a great team effort with sound defense and well timed attacks. The girls continued to fight the entire game while playing over 65 minutes down 1-0. What a great way to end the season for West Coast Krew.” – Head Coach Stuart Rafferty