WCS 03 Kaos rally for 3-2 victory

The West Coast Kaos U14 girls rallied from a 0-2 deficit at the half to win 3-2 over California Odyssey South.

The West Coast Kaos U14 National Premier League (NPL) team traveled to Visalia over the weekend to take on California Odyssey South.   This is the first time Kaos has faced Cal Odyssey.  From the whistle, Odyssey put the pressure on with hard tackles and fast runs.  The first goal of the game came in the 12th minute from a long ball over Kaos’ defensive line.  Odyssey’s fast Forward made a run to win the ball and delivered a clean shot into the net.  Odyssey moved ahead 0-1.

Determined not the let up or give up, Kaos stepped up their physical game.  Several tackles were made in the middle and Kaos was able to set up a few offensive attempts of their own.  At the 32-minute mark, Odyssey scored again from a well- shot ball just outside the 18.  Odyssey moved ahead 0-2 as the half came to a close.

As the second half started, Kaos went on the offensive.  Attacking Midfielder, Kate Zeck, retrieved a pass in the middle and power dribbled her way to the odyssey goal.  The Odyssey Center Defender stepped toward Zeck and fouled in the box, which set up a penalty kick for West Coast.  Forward Alivia Ganz took the PK and placed it perfectly in the right corner of the goal.  With five minutes into the second half, Kaos was back in the game.

At the 55th minute, Zeck was fouled again and was given a free kick in the attacking half of the field.  Zeck’s shot hit the top of the goal post and ricocheted to the right where West Coast’s Danielle Leong won the ball and fired a shot into the Odyssey goal.  The match was now tied at 2-2.

With momentum on their side, West Coast’s offense of Melanie Ngyuen, Kiara Rodgriguez,  Katie Reid, Nicole Codington, Hailey Miller, Leong, Ganz, and Zeck went on the attack.   At the 73rd minute, Ganz received a pass in the middle and made a run on the right. She maneuvered around the Odyssey holding midfielder and the last remaining defender to find herself one on one with the goalie.  Ganz fired a shot into the left corner.  Kaos now had a 3-2 lead.

West Coast controlled the match and the tempo.  The holding midfield of Alyssa Williams and Alina Garcia, along with the defensive line of Kassidy Brackett, Kelsey Brumm, Gaby Casillas, Kelsey Sako, Mercedes Valverde, and Goal Keeper Maddie Mannina prevented Odyssey from getting any meaningful shots off.  Kaos’ defense successfully shutdown and shutout Odyssey in the second half.

Determined to keep the lead and the win, Kaos kept the pressure up and continued to attack.  As the whistle blew, the West Coast Kaos girls celebrated a hard fought 3-2 come from behind victory.