WCS 03 Kaos and 03 Karma play home openers

West Coast Karma 03G’s home opener was against West Valley Vision 03 Red.  Karma started off relaxed and that game went back an forth until Kelsey Brumm scored in the 16th minute. With some adjustments Karma began to apply the pressure as Alina Garcia brought down a ball from Katie Zeck to make it 2-0 in the 48th minute. Anaya Shelton scored in the 54th and Nicole Codington scored in the 69th minute. Goalkeepers Maddie Mannina, Ellie Hillar and defense anchored by Mariya Hinojosa, Ycela Ochoa, Mercedez, Valverde, Gabby Casillas, and Zeck completed the shout out for Karma. Karma will have will be off for a week and back in action on 10/1 versus Almaden Quicksilver NPL.

Sunday 9/17 West Coast Kaos 03G battled Placer United Gold who are currently on top of NPL North having played 3 games.  Placer applied the pressure from the opening kick off.  Defense led by Peyton Wooten and Alondra Higrada were able to withstand the pressure. In the 34th minute winger Emily Connick got on the end of a bouncy ball and put it past goalie Maddie Maninna. 4 minutes late a miss clearance during a corner kick allowed Elise Lugo to capitalize to put placer up 2-0 at half.  Second half was a different story has Kaos had numerous chances.  Attackers Melanie Ngyuen, Daisy Sameulson, Jordyn Silva, Sami Wilson, and Anaya Shelton applied the pressure. In the 55th minute Wilson connected and brought the lead back to within a goal.  West Coast’s midfielders Kylie Gregory, Alyssa Williams, Katie Zeck and Alina Garcia began to increase the momentum until a counter was crossed and finished by Placers Serena Andrade 74th minute past goalkeeper Ashley Levi. Koas showed there ability to compete as Kelsey Brumm hit long shot to bring Kaos back to within 1 with 1 minute remaining. Anaya Shelton had another opportunity as it was stopped by goalkeeper Malaya Anderson.  Kaos travel to Manteca to compete the Champions Cup and return home vs undefeated Mustang Elite on 9/30.