WCS 01 Kurse travel to WAGS East Coast College Showcase

WCS Kurse 01 Girls traveled to the East Coast to participate in one of the country’s most prestigious tournaments- WAGS College Showcase held in Virginia. Captains Monique Reil and Bella Grajedo led the young U17 Kurse team as they competed against strong NPL level teams. Player of the game awards were presented to defender Maria Robelledo on Saturday, goalkeeper Jessica Zogaric on Sunday and center back Allyson “Taz” Thompson on Monday. Sierra Dazhan and Makeila Yancey both scored and played very strong all tournament.  Goal Keeper Madeline Mannina shined in the GK showcase by catching the eye of the director and was used as the example of how to technically accomplish the tasks requested. WCS faced Virginia Rush, Florida Sunrise Sting, and North Virginia Renegade.