U9 Krew Finish 3rd In State Cup Play!














The U9 West Coast Krew ended their season on a high as they finished third place in the White Bracket of NorCal State Cup. The Krew showed right away that they have the patience, desire, and discipline to become an elite team. At first the Krew struggled with getting to know each other on the field and what it means to play competitive soccer. Coach Sara Girotto had a lot of faith in this group of girls and felt with hard work they would become a very good squad. Coach Sara was wrong, they exceeded everyone’s expectations and caused even high ranked teams fits when they played against them. The Krew girls learned to possess a ball and started making runs putting tons of pressure on their opponents. Most of all, Coach Sara got them to believe in themselves. Their technical abilities got better throughout the season as well as the basic soccer principles, says Coach Sara. Along with individual development, the Krew had quite a bit of team success with winning brackets during NorCal Playdates, and winning the Davis Legacy Classico tournament. Krew also finished second place in the DFC Halloween Kick or Treat Tournament. losing in PK’s. Definitely the Krew became a force to be reckoned with. A motto they had when other teams looked at the Krew with hunger thinking that they would be an easy win was “The Steak Bites Back!” Director of West Coast Troy Dayak says “The Krew is a shining example of player and team development, coach Sara and the players found something special this year and we all witnessed a metamorphosis from a young inexperienced team that turned into a mature well oiled machine” we are all excited to see this team continue to develop in 2014” Pictured Krew take the pitch sporting there team Delaney shirts. For tryout information westcoastsoccerclub.com For more information about helping Delaney you can visit her facebook page.

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