Krew Finishes League Play With the Win Against Bay Oaks!





















West Coast Soccer Club U9 girls’ team, Krew, finished out the regular season in their final league match against Bay Oaks Bombers Blue in Alameda.  The sun was beginning to set as Krew took to the field and the temperature began to quickly fall.  Early in the match, Krew and Bombers pushed the ball back and forth across the field.  With a fast break down the field, Taryn Richey drove the ball towards the goal and made a quick pass to Leslie Mangskau, who then made an amazing kick over the Bomber’s goalkeeper and into the goal. Krew’s defense held Bomber’s scoreless and the score after the first half was Krew 1, Bombers 0.  Despite several shots on goal, Krew was unable to score in the second half, but Krew’s defense also continued to hold Bomber’s at bay.  The match ended under the lights with Krew winning 1 – 0.  Krew now moves on to State Cup semi-finals next weekend in Mateca as they face Chelsea FCA on November 16, at 1:20 p.m. For ore information about West Coast Soccer goto Pictured is Taryn Richey, Leslie Mangskau and MacKenzie Wherry moving the ball down the field to goal.

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