U9 Wild Katz Future Looks Bright!

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The U9 West Coast Wild Katz had a great season learning and developing as players under Coach Sara Girotto. 2013 was the second season under Coach Sara as she has worked diligently with these young ladies. During the 2012 season, Wild Katz where a young U8 team playing up an age group, going up against girls who were bigger and stronger than them. Being that this group have the love of the game inside their determination and drive helped them actually get the better of their older opponents. Every practice the Wild Katz where challenged and pushed to their limits, thus becoming a strong, disciplined team. In State Cup, the Wild Katz finished 3rd out of several teams in the White bracket, narrowly missing the semi-finals. When the 2013 season rolled around, everyone was buzzing about the Wild Katz. Pre-season NorCal rankings had them up top as number one. A lot to live up to but the girls were up to the challenge…. and they did not disappoint! Coach Sara pushed them even harder and they became extremely technical with the ball and learned so much about game. With seven returning players and four new players, the girls gelled and played like a team with much more experience. During the first several playdates, Coach moved players around, trying new positions while still having success on the field. The Wild Katz where a force to be reckoned with. Throughout the season the girls got better technically and even more comfortable with the ball, which is what we want for little ones at this age. West Coast Soccer & Coach Sara believes strongly that you must build a strong foundation before you move onto the tactical side of the game. Sure, the basic tactics are need to be taught but we do not take away from the individual learning environment. Players and parents must be patient for this is the discovery time of their soccer career. Individually, the Wild Katz had several players that could juggle well into the thirties, and a few that can juggle into the forties and fifties, quite impressive for eight year olds!! Also, each player learned fifteen different moves through the course of the season. Now, as a team the Wild Katz shared success with finishing 3rd in their League play, and winning the Ajax Summer Invitational, Pleasanton Rage Junior Showcase, DFC Halloween Kick or Treat, and the Mustang 6v6 Tournament. Wild Katz are well on their way to having a bright and successful soccer career! “Coach Sara Girotto has done an amazing job with our young players here at West Coast, I have not seen another coach or staff member in the state with more patience, passion or understanding of what the players need during this important stage in their development. We are proud of her effort! She has prepared the little ones well as they will be handed off to another experience WCS coach Marlon Fernandez, West Coast Soccer’s future looks bright” – Director of West Coast Soccer Troy Dayak

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