07 Kryptonite defeats ACC Mavericks 3-0

The West Coast Kryptonite 07 Girls took on the ACC Mavericks Saturday in NorCal Gold League play. West Cost dominated the game on both sides of the ball, Kryptonite converted on a penalty kick by Nylah Trias early in the game, and Aubrey Westbrook scores the second goal. Jariah Indalecio put the exclamation point on, with a third goal later on in the game for a 3-0 win by West Coast. Piper Sweeney did double duty as a forward and a goalkeeper, Madden Black was a defensive force in the first half, and made key saves in goal in the second. Nikki Orth, Jayden Reynolds, and Athena Taylor caused havoc for the Mavericks with their passing and constant threats on goal. Ella Nguyen, Skyler Patillo, Trias, and Westbrook controlled the midfield, while Ryan Rodriguez, Black, and Kendall Shetter did a fantastic job on the back line stopping any attack coming their way. “The team had a great week of training and made it translate into a the game.” Said West Coast coach Sara Girotto.