05 Wildkatz still on top

West Cost Soccer 05 Wildkatz still hold top spot of NorCal Spring League in the Premier bracket. Wildkatz 05 started their weekend on Saturday, May 13th, with a match against Diablo FC in Concord.  Diablo scored a goal quickly in the first half, Wildkatz dominated play and had many chances to equal, but the half would end with 1-0 lead for Diablo.  Seconds after the whistle blew for the start of the second half, Katie Strong dribbled the ball down to goal and as the goalie stepped forward she tapped the ball past and into the net.  The Wildkatz continued to dominate play and Karlee Lywandowsky found Jasmyn Staples in front of the net to score giving the Wildkatz a 2-1 lead.  Katie Strong hit the net again and Diablo answered with a goal of their own, but before the end of the second half, Emma Colmenero crossed Jasmyn Staples who scored again and the match ended with a 4-2 win for Wildkatz.

On Sunday, May 14th, Wildkatz met top ranked Santa Rosa United in Mountain House.  The teams seemed evenly matched as play began. After a pause in play because of an injury, when play resumed Katie Strong quickly drove the ball down to goal and gave Wildkatz the lead 1-0.  United managed scored on a corner kick but Wildkatz answered with a goal by Emma Colmenero on a free kick after a foul. Cami Silva dribbled to goal and sent the ball sailing into the goal giving Wildkatz a solid 3-1 lead.  Before the match would end, Karlee Lywandowsky drove the ball through many defenders and sent the ball soaring over the goalie and into the net.  Wildkatz defense held United scoreless for the rest of the match and took the W 4-1.

With just two games left in Spring League play, Wildkatz remain at the top.  They will face Mustang Elite 05 on Friday at Las Positas College in Livermore and MVLA Blue on Saturday in Mountain View.