01 Kurse defeat Alternativo 4-0

West Coast Soccer Kurse hosted Tracy Alternativo Fútbol Saturday in Livermore. Hungry for a victory, Kurse struck early with an assist from defender Jacquelyn Hurtado that set up the first goal by Makeila Yancey. Monique Reil scored the second unanswered goal of the first half. In the second half, Alternativo Fútbol scored one high shot, which only seemed to fuel the fire of the Kurse. Part time goal keeper and all around powerhouse Kaelyn Adams took to the field and scored goal number three after a perfect assist from Madison Beyer. The fourth and final goal was set up by the throw-in from Sierra Dazhan to Makeila Yancey to seal a 4-0 victory.  Sunday, West Coast Kurse traveled to San Jose City College Sunday to face the Central Santa Clara Valley SC. After giving up one goal in the first half, the ladies of WCS Kurse were determined to even things up in the second half. Ultimately, it was a well-placed pass from Makena Winton to Bella Grajeda that produced the tying goal. WCS Kurse outshot their opponent 15-3 but ultimately had to settle for the 1 to 1 tie.