San Jose Earthquakes Regional Development School






Regional Development School: Explained

We have entered into a partnership with the San Jose Earthquakes Academy to become an official regional development program with a direct link to the Earthquakes Academy. This partnership is very exciting for our players development and pathway which includes additional RDS training, RDS playing opportunities, RDS camps, RDS clinics, Coach Education and more


As part of youth soccer development with the Earthquakes Academy we are always looking toward the future and with that our players development.


We have our current club structure but now we are developing this further with the RDS program: Regional Development School. What is RDS? This is a program partnered with the San Jose Earthquakes for us to collect all the very best players together at each age from within our club and the surrounding area, to work with players from other RDS sites, local clubs and the Earthquakes USDA Academy. The ultimate goal: Create future US Development Academy Age group players – U12, U13, U14, U16, U18 and Earthquakes Home Grown players for the 1st team in MLS


How does this affect our team or age group? It doesn’t have a huge impact, it simply allows for additional training and opportunities for players, and a way for the RDS to work with the Quakes Pre-Academy/Academy coaches and coaches from outside the club. Players will remain with current teams and be available for everything as normal, They will just have additional training and some play dates/a tournament. Any coach is welcome to attend any session to observe


What if this conflicts with my training? Not something to worry about and very much treat this like an PDP/IDP/ODP, a further high level talent training opportunity for the players.


What players will attend? We will work with coaches to see what players should attend. Recommendations and viewing training or scrimmages/games also by RDS staff


What if my child doesn’t make it right now? We all know players develop at different rates and different times in their life. We will be consistently reviewing the RDS pool of players and changing it


Program Specifics: RDS U8 – U18: Boys and Girls


  • 3 blocks per year running 4 months each block
  • 8 Trainings per block (2 per month)
  • 1 showcase per block: All RDS team play each other
  • Blocks are: August – November, December – March, April – July
  • Each block ends with each group entering a tournament as an RDS Team
  • Non Earthquake players do not need to leave their current club to participate
  • All participants get a Earthquakes Uniform (Jersey, short, sock)


Next steps

  • Look out for more information as we get close to the start date for dates and times