Competitive Level Breakdowns

Competitive Level Breakdowns

Premier, Gold and Silver Teams

Division I Premier/Gold – The purpose of the Division I Premier & Gold teams are to provide  soccer players with the highest level of competition while providing the highest level of training. These teams will compete in the Premier/Gold division of US Club Soccer.  Division I Premier/Gold is not a developmental program.  These players will be highly proficient in the game and will be committed to the program for all practices, games and tournaments.

Division I Silver – The Division I Silver program is a program that has been developed to prepare soccer players for the highest competitive level, Division I Premier/Gold.  This program gives players a higher level of league competition while sustaining consistent training with that received by the Premier/Gold teams.  It is important that all Division I Gold coaches combine training sessions with the Division I Silver team.  This will help to accomplish several goals of the Silver team.

First, Division I Silver players will understand the concepts and abilities expected by the Division I Gold level coach.  Division I Silver players will be given training that is consistent with training given to the Division I Gold teams.  Division I Gold coaches will have a thorough awareness of all players available for the following year of play.  This will help to replace Gold level players who leave the Gold level for any reason.  Overall, this will ensure that as teams advance in age, West Coast will be able to provide an opportunity for the highest level of competition with players who are competitively competent and able.

The purpose of the Division I Silver program also provides a viable transition from the Division III level of play to the Division I level of play.  While this level provides a highly competitive level of soccer for players, the goal of this program is not winning. 

The overall goal of the Silver program is to provide a developmental environment in which competitive players can develop so that they may advance to a higher level of play in support of the Division I Gold division.  Once a silver team has achieved promotion into the Gold Level, then that team will be treated with the expectations of a gold team.   Silver teams should be expected to compete and compete well.  Silver teams should also be expected to provide the developmental training needed for players to continue to progress to the next level.

US Club Soccer – This option is provided through the United Soccer Leagues.  This option is for the soccer only competitive level player.

US Club Soccer is built on the belief that: Soccer clubs are the key to player development in the U.S., and while the State Associations play an important role, as the vast majority of their players are at the recreational level, rules that foster equal playing opportunities have been their priority.

US Club Soccer: Playing options with US club soccer are as follows:

  • US Club regional tournaments
  • US Club Youth National tournaments
  • Any associated or affiliated tournament

Benefits to US Club Soccer/ Norcal Premier League:

  • 26 player roster allowed (this can be useful in the development of Gold and Silver & Bronze programs at the younger age levels) this is detailed in this structure as a      competitive strategy to ensure participation of appropriate teams at the proper levels for West Coast Soccer.

Division I Gold and Silver

West Coast Soccer Club was created by Troy Dayak, who is the President/DOC of the club.   He previously played Defender for of the San Jose Earthquakes.  Troy has also competed for the U.S. National Team, Olympic soccer team, and professional Indoor teams.  He also has served on the Board of the U.S. Soccer Athletes Council.  West Coast Soccer Board of Directors has given their full support to making the Division 1 program successful as part the Club’s goal of becoming one of the premier soccer clubs in California.  Our Board realizes that to achieve this goal an extremely high level of commitment is required on the part of the Board, staff, coaches, parents, and players.

Division 1 soccer represents club soccer at the highest possible level.  West Coast Soccer Division 1 program brings together the most talented and committed players with the highest quality coaches and trainers available.  Our program provides an opportunity for elite players to grow in the most challenging and competitive environment possible.  West Coast Soccer is increasingly fielding competitive teams in every age group and becoming recognized state- and nation-wide as an exemplary program.   West Coast Soccer’s Division 1 program will continue to thrive with the help of the community and the commitment of the many volunteers who are willing to get involved to make it successful.

Under the leadership of Troy Dayak West Coast Soccer has attracted some of the finest coaches and trainers possible.  Many of our coaches and trainers have USSF “A” and “B” Lic, NSCAA Advanced National Coaching licenses, coach at the high school level, and/or played soccer at the Division 1 and collegiate level.

Before making a decision to tryout for Division 1 soccer, players and parents should read and understand the descriptions below of the time, financial, travel, & personal commitments that will be required to be part of West Coast Soccer’s Division 1 program.

It should be no surprise that to achieve success at the highest level of competitive soccer demands the highest level of commitment as well.  The decision to play soccer at the Division 1 level is a choice that needs careful consideration.  For those who cannot make this level of commitment, the Club offers the option to tryout for play at the Bronze or Division 3 (competitive) level, or play recreational soccer. 

1.      Time Commitment

The average number of training days during the summer is 3 days per week beginning in July.  Summer tournament play typically begins in late-July through the end of August.  During the regular season (September through early November), the number of training days will be 2 – 3 days per week with competitive league games on most weekends.   During the regular season, there will be designated tournament weekends that will require some travel, possibly an overnight stay, and 3 or 4 scheduled tournament games.  Post-season training for State Cup (U-13 and older) continues on this schedule, possibly through mid-February, with the exception of the winter break for high school soccer (age groups U-14 and older).

2.      Financial Commitment

The estimated average annual cost per player excluding uniforms and travel costs is shown below.  For details, see the attached Division 1 Estimated Cost Summary by Age Group.

U8 $800, U9-U10 $1400, U-11 $1550, U12-U13 $1850, U14 $1950, U15-U18 $1950, NPL(National Premier League)- $2250

It is important to note that events such as in-state and out-of-state tournaments, and summer team training camps are considered an integral part of the Division 1 program.  A commitment by parents to the Division 1 program is a commitment that their son or daughter will attend all of the team’s events.

** Each WCS Player will be required to participate in 2 league fundraisers per year.  If they chose not to participate they can pay $100.00 at the time of registration towards their fundraising responsibility.  **

*** There will be no refunds once a player has committed to the team.  Teams budgets have been set for the season.  ***

Coaches Travel Reimbursements:

The following information will appear as a standard item in all Division I Budgets.  Any deviation from the set amount for the budget will require team parent and board approval.

Division I Coaches Reimbursement for U9-U10                            $750

Division I Coaches Reimbursement for U11-U12                          $1250.00

Division I Coaches Reimbursements for U13                                 $1,500.00

Division I Coaches Reimbursement for U14-U19                          $2000.00

This money will be collected by team treasurers and reimbursed to coaches upon presentation of travel receipts and expenses.  These amounts will cover only the items listed below.  Any expenses above and beyond the listed items will be the responsibility of the coach of each team.  It is imperative that the coach of each team be conscious of costs in an effort to stay within expense budgets.  Unreasonable hotel costs, first Division plane tickets, expensive rental cars etc., can be denied by team treasurers with assistance of the EB if costs are excessive or unnecessary. Coach reimbursement should cover any expenses that are outside a 50 mile radius of Livermore.

  1. Hotel
  2. Airfare
  3. Rental Car
  4. $25 daily meal allowance
  5. Mileage

*Note – Regional and National tournament budgets will be handled separately as some money will come from Norcal, the club or sponsorship.  Additionally members of a team will have to help contribute once a team reaches this level.

3.      Travel Commitment

In addition to local Division 1Tournaments, each age group above the U11 and older will be expected to commit to traveling to other tournaments.  This may include at least one tournament in Southern California.

Since the costs for transportation, meals, and hotels for these tournaments vary according to the situation, no specific costs have been added to the financial summary.  Furthermore, there may be opportunities to underwrite some or all of these expenses through team coordinated fundraising activities.  However, parents should make their commitment to the Division 1 program based on the assumption they will have to pay for their child’s full expenses for transportation, meals, and hotels for these tournaments.  In the past, team parents have, helped pay for some of the travel costs for the team coach.  This has not been included in the estimated cost summary.

4.      Volunteer Commitment

The Club’s Division 1 program requires a number of volunteers to operate effectively and efficiently.  These positions typically require a commitment for the entire seasonal year.  Some of the volunteer positions that Division 1 parents will be expected to fill are listed below.

Volunteers from each Division 1 team will be needed for the following positions:

  • Team Manager – Coordinates phone trees, player passes, team parties, parent meetings, travel, tournament applications, training schedules, etc.
  • Team Treasurer – Handles the money for the individual team and works with the League’s Treasurer to provide standardized reports for accountability
  • Individual Team volunteers – Including snack coordinator, flag bearer, first aid, statistician, team publicity, communication coordinator (website, newspapers), fundraiser etc.

Bronze Division (Division III)

Division III represents soccer at a high level.  The WCS Division III program brings together talented and committed players with quality coaches and trainers.  This program provides an opportunity for players to grow in a challenging and competitive environment.

It should come as no surprise that to achieve success at this level of competitive soccer, a high level of commitment is required.  The decision to play soccer at the Division III level is a choice that needs careful consideration.  Even if a player is talented enough to be selected on a team, the choice may not be right for every family situation.  For those who cannot make this level of commitment, the WCS offers the option to play Division IV soccer.

1.      Time Commitment

Although teams may vary in how many practices they have, it is not uncommon to have 2-3 practices during the week and games on the weekend.  Additionally, tournaments may require some travel, possibly an overnight stay, and 3-4 games on a weekend.

Division 3 players can expect a significant commitment of time, particularly in the period from July through early November. Practice and informal team activities may begin after teams are formed with most teams beginning practice in July.  Teams/players are encouraged to attend WCS Soccer Camp in June.  August weekends are designated as tournament weekends by US Club.

2.      Financial Commitment

In general, teams collect money in the beginning of the season to establish a pool that will be used to fund tournament fees, trainers, goalkeeper training, etc.  Although your team may choose to operate with a smaller budget, we don’t want you to be surprised.  This money is exclusive of uniforms, warm ups, team bags and travel costs.

3.      Travel Commitment

In addition to local tournaments, your team may chose to travel to outside tournaments.  Since the costs for transportation, meals, and hotels vary according to the situation, no specific costs have been added to the financial summary.  Parents should make their commitment to the Bronze/ Division III program based on the assumption that there will be additional costs.

4.      Volunteer Commitment

The success of West Coast Soccer is predicated on parental involvement.  At the Division III level, the number of functions that require volunteerism is large.  Please be prepared to fulfill positions listed above that your team requires including 2 parent referees per team. 


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