Coach’s Commitment and Expectations

It is the intention of West Coast Soccer to present this information only as a guideline. The following commitments and expectations are not intended to account for every conceivable example of unacceptable behavior.  WCS will consider the spirit as well as the documentation of the incident when addressing any transgression.

 As a West Coast Soccer Coach, I: 

  • understand that I am a role model and must lead by example.  I set the standard for acceptable behavior by exhibiting exemplary behavior at all times
  • will exhibit proper behavior, fair play, respect and sportsmanship towards all parties at every practice, game, tournament or at any related events
  • understand that my actions, good and bad, reflect directly not only on myself but also on the team, and West Coast Soccer.  A team and club’s reputation is built on behavior, courtesy, sportsmanship, principles and playing ability
  • understand that at no time will I attend a practice, game or tournament under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • understand that my first priority is the safety of the players assigned to my team.  I will be on time for practices and games and will not leave an event, game or practice site until all of my team’s players are with their responsible guardian or parent
  • will maintain a clean well-kept appearance at all times while representing my team and club
  • will be enthusiastic with all players, motivating and encouraging them through positive reinforcement
  • will abide by the “FIFA Rules of the Game” and the rules, policies and procedures of WCS and any corresponding tournament
  • understand that I am responsible for the proper behavior and conduct of my assistant coaches as well as my players, parents and supporters
  • understand that all interactions with referees must be courteous and I am expected to display the proper respect when communicating with any official
  • understand that the use of profanity or vulgar language is unacceptable
  • will be humble, generous and gracious in victory; courteous and dignified in defeat
  • will provide a well-organized, fun, safe and disciplined practice environment. Understand that there may players at different levels.  At all times I will treat the players equally and work hard to develop the players that are not at the same level.
  • will inform the DOC if I will be late for, or unable to attend, a practice or game.  If this occurs another coach will be scheduled until I arrive, or I will secure a substitute if I am unable to attend
  • will ensure that I will wear West Coast Soccer polo or coaching gear while representing WCS and will make sure that all players wear their league approved uniforms in a proper and complete fashion
  • will be responsible for cleaning up the field or bench area after practices and games
  • will provide cooperation to coaches within my team’s age group and club and work together with other WCS coaching staff.
  • will always ask permission and get approval from the coach and DOC regarding borrowing club player and or players. This approval must be made prior to any contact with the player or parents of said player/players
  • will never post inappropriate pictures and or statements in any form of social media i.e. facebook, instagram, team snap, etc…
  • will never encourage or tolerate the use of controlled substances (drugs); or the abuse of tobacco and alcohol
  • Understand that it is the coach’s responsibility to be sure that sports notes with a photo on league game wins and any tournament that your team finished 4 place or higher be sent in by the following Monday by 11am.
  • Understand that I must do a formal player evaluation at least 1 time per season. This involves setting up a individual parent meeting to discuss the evaluation.



First offense:

  • A meeting will take place with involved parties, Coach, Director of Coaching to discuss the issue and ultimate resolution

Second offense:

  • A two-week without pay suspension from all team activities will be enforced for the involved party.

Third offense:

  • The person(s) in violation will be suspended from any team involvement for the remainder of the current season. Any future return involvement will not be guaranteed but will be granted if reconciliation can be reached. Involvement will then be granted on a probationary basis. Any violation during that time may result in dismissal from WCS.


If an offense is severe in nature, WCS reserves the right to move directly to the consequences of the second or third offense after which a meeting may take place.

* I have read and fully understand the WCS COACHES COMMITMENTS and EXPECTATIONS as it pertains to my participation in the club. 



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