Head Coach Application

West Coast Soccer Club Guidelines for Head Coach


Qualifications for consideration

  • Recommendation from a licensed Head Coach
  • Youth soccer coaching experience
  • Fill out all required information and return to doc@westcoastsoccerclub.com
  • Take and pass The Positive Coaching Alliance certification.
  • Take and pass the appropriate NSCAA educational course. The Club’s Director of Coaches will help select the required course based on the age and level of the team being applied for.
  • West Coast Soccer Club DOC approval 

Primary Responsibilities


  • Be prepared
  • All teams should understand & be able to execute the WCS Flux warm up and game preparation
  • Prepare field equipment and game balls
  • Chalk talk prior to kick off, go over line up & rules for game i.e. NPL, US Club, Substitutions etc…
  • Make sure assistant understand their role
  • Good communication with team manager

During game

  • Recognize the oppositions formation
  • Watch for fatigue, frustration or injuries
  • Bench/ substitution management (Make sure bench players are focused on game, etc…)
  • When players come off use this time to briefly explain things to improve on (constructively)
  • Take notes (keep journal) of players from opposing teams. White down formation strengths and weaknesses so that you can look over prior to next competition
  • Do not argue with referees or opposition coach/coaches.  If you have a disagreement remembers calmer heads will prevail.  Avoid any and all disagreements or      arguments in front of the players or parents. (players and teams will ultimately reflect their coach and club)


  • Gather team in and respect the opponent and referees with a cheer & handshake
  • Make sure all pre-game volunteers have completed end of game tasks & manager gets passes
  • Talk with Asst. Coach about what you saw in the game (Areas that need attention)
  • Text DOC game results- include opponent and score and a brief statement to add to fb



  • Wear West Coast Soccer apparel to all games, practices & tournaments (especially for team photos)
  • Coach will provide twice per year player evaluations.
  • Head Coach should be in good communication with the club DOC  


Application Information


Print Full Name:_____________________________________ Team Name______________________________

Contact Cell______________________ Home_________________ Email_______________________

Do you have a child or relative on the team?_____ if yes what team____________________________________

Years of coaching experience___________    Highest level team coached _______________________________
What soccer clubs have you been affiliated with?___________________________________________________


Do you hold any coaching licenses or certifications?_______________________________________________________

**** If your application is approved, you will need to pass a U.S. Club Soccer criminal background check to receive an official Coaches picture ID. Without this, you are not allowed to be on the player sideline.

Probation period:

Upon completion of the coach prerequisite you are placed on a six month probation period. If for any reason the DOC or board choose to revoke your player pass you agree to without any recourse.     Initial__________

Disciplinary protocol:

Any behavior deemed un-sportsmen, overt, unprofessional, or detrimental towards West Coast Soccer Club coaches, players, referees and parents will be investigated by the West Coast Soccer Board. During the investigation period you are not to participate in any game or practice activities and must forfeit your Norcal pass.    Initial__________

Any written complaints from referee associations, other club coaches DOC’s or principles will be investigated by the West Coast Soccer Board and may require forfeiture of your Norcal pass.    Initial__________

Any act of violence or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance will result in immediate removal from team activities indefinitely and forfeiture of your Norcal pass.     Initial__________

If you at anytime are given a Red card or removed from a game by a referee you will remove yourself from the side line immediately. As soon as possible leave a message for DOC Troy Dayak with a brief explanation. Coach will not be allowed on the sideline until DOC, Norcal PAD & WCS Disciplinary Committee approves & the coaches suspension has been served.

First recorded incident will result in a face to face meeting with DOC and a written warning.

Second incident will result in a 3 game cooling off period and are required to review The Positive Coaching Alliance material.

Third incident you will be removed as coach and Norcal pass is forfeited. Initial__________


__________________________________                                     ____________________

Print Name                                                                                   Date




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