Parent and Family Commitments and Expectations


It is the intention of the West Coast Soccer Program to present this information only as a guideline. The following commitments and expectations are not intended to account for every conceivable example of unacceptable behavior.  The WCS program will consider the spirit as well as the documentation of the incident when addressing any transgression.

As a West Coast Soccer Parent or Family Member, I:

  • understand that I am a role model and I am accountable for my actions and must lead by example
  • understand that my actions, both positive and negative, reflect directly not only on myself but also on the team, and WCS.  A team and club’s reputation is built on positive behavior, courtesy, sportsmanship and ability.
  • understand that verbally abusing players, coaches, referees, spectators, or opponents is unacceptable
  • will respect my coaches’ time by being on time to drop off or pick up players for all practices and games
  • will not coach, criticize, confront, argue with or make negative comments intended for players, opponents, coaches, referees, or other spectators from the sidelines.  Sideline comments at practices and games should always be positive
  • will support the coach and refrain from making inappropriate comments in front of my children as they will carry that attitude onto the soccer field
  • will encourage my child (with parent in attendance) to discuss soccer related issues with the coach
  • will discuss constructive concerns regarding the coach, players or club policies first with the coach, then if needed, with the DOC, and at no time will participate in a parent meeting without the knowledge of the coach or DOC.
  • At no time criticize, slander or berate a member of the club, coach, player, parent or otherwise in any social media including Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc..
  • understand that the amount of playing time my child receives in games will be based on their skills, punctuality, attitude and practice/game performance.  I know that they may receive more or less playing time than their teammates and playing time is not guaranteed
  • will abide by the “FIFA Rules of the Game” and the rules, policies and procedures of WCS and those rules imposed at any corresponding tournament or host organization
  • will contact the coach or asst. coach if I am going to be late for any game, practice or team function.
  • will allow coach/manager to provide informational texts to players and parents.
  • will inform the head coach of any injuries immediately.
  • will not participate as a guest player for any practice or game without coach and DOC’s consent.
  • will use the 24 Hour Rule when I am concerned about soccer related issues that require me to talk with the coach.  24 Hour Rule: If a parent is unhappy with an issue regarding their child or team, WCS strongly recommends waiting 24 hours to discuss the issue.  Cooler heads will prevail.

I have read and fully understand the WEST COAST SOCCER Parent and family COMMITMENTS and EXPECTATIONS as it pertains to my family’s participation in WCS.  Further, I understand that behavior that degrades a player, opponent, coach, referee, or other spectator is subject to:

  • verbal warning by Coach, Manager, Referee, or WCS Board Member
  • written reprimand
  • parental game suspension with written documentation of incident kept on file by the league
  • parental season suspension

I also understand that any persons on the coaching staff or WCS Board of Directors has the authority to ask me to leave a practice and or game if I become a nuisance and / or out of control.


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